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Getting Your Pilots Licence

The Tasmanian Aero Club has unfortunately had to temporarily suspend all flight training activities due to our long term CFI making a career change. For further information or enquiries please contact us. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will provide updates as they become available. 

Getting your Pilots Certificate

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Learn to Fly with us!

The Tasmanian Aero Club specialize in teaching people to fly. In fact, we have been teaching people to fly for over 90 years. We are a flight school that focuses on training recreational pilots under the RAA licensing system. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience our experienced instructors can help you achieve your goal of gaining your pilots certificate. 

Learning with the Tasmanian Aero Club is also beneficial as we were one of the first flight training organisations to be able to offer RAA flight training within controlled airspace.

Recreational Pilots Certificate:

The Recreational pilot certificate in a licence that’s lets you fly a small two seat aircraft up to 600kg maximum take off weight. Recreational Pilot certificates are issued by Recreational Aviation Australia (RAA). Flying and training under the RAA banner is the most popular form of aviation available in Australia today and for good reason:

  • RAA flying is controlled by a private association.

  • RAA flying is affordable to both learn and to own your own aircraft.

  • RAA flying hours count to general aviation pilots’ licence.

  • RAA aircraft make ideal training aircraft

When you have obtained your Pilots certificate, you can go on to add many numerous endorsements to your certificate which some include:

  • Navigation

  • Passenger carrying

  • Tail-wheel

  • Formation

  • Low level

  • Float plane

Trial Introductory Lessons

Trial Introductory Lessons

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Have you ever wanted to learn to fly but think your not sure if its what you want to do?

Why not book in for a Trial Introductory Flight with one of our experienced instructors.


Our experienced instructors will guide you through a relaxing flight, either around the Launceston CBD or following the beautiful Tamar River up to the iconic Batman bridge and back to the airport, allowing you to fly the aircraft for the whole flight.

Prices start at $120.00 inc gst for a 30 min CBD Trial Introductory Flight or $177.00 inc gst for the 45 min Batman Bridge Trial Introductory Flight.

To book a Trial Introductory Flight please email

Hire Rates

Hire Rates

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Jabiru J-160C
24 4681 and 24 4544


Note: All rates are including GST

Dual Training


Solo Training


Private Hire


Landing Fee

Our Aircraft

Our Aircraft

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Jabiru Aircraft are an entirely Australian designed and built aircraft with the factory based in Bundaberg QLD.  You will find many Jabiru Aircraft in service with flight organisations throughout Australia due to them being a popular training aircraft.

Jabiru J-160 aircraft are a two-seater aircraft of composite construction, no metal joints and no rivets means no corrosion problems. The Jabiru is powered by an 80HP Jabiru engine again manufactured in Bundaberg QLD with the ability to cruise at 100 knots which is equal to 185km/h.

Our Jabiru J160 aircraft are fitted with “wet wings”, meaning there is a fuel tank in both the left and right wings with each tank holding 65 litres of AVGAS giving an all up total fuel capacity of 110 litres. With an engine burn rate of 15 litres per hour, our aircraft can stay airborne for 7 hours!!

Both our Jabiru aircraft are factory built and certified for flight training and are maintained to the highest level by our highly experienced maintainers.

Our Instructors


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Andrew Duddington (CFI)

Brian Green

Michael Douglas

more information coming soon.....

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

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If you would like to enquire to purchase a gift voucher please use the form below or contact us here and we will get in touch with you.

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