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Becoming a member of the Tasmanian Aero Club provides you will the benefits below:

  • Access to the club rooms.  You will be provided with a key to the front door and a Security Code.

  • Use of the clubroom facilities including lounge room, kitchen, toilet facilities.

  • Flying lessons subject to payment of fees.

  • Use of club aircraft subject to achievement of appropriate qualifications.

  • Receipt of a copy of the Club Newsletter, Plane Torque.

  • Regular emails regarding up and coming events

  • Access to Members only sites on the club website.


New Membership Application

Membership Renewal

Membership renewals fall due at the start of every year. A renewal letter will be sent out via the post to your nominated address.

All memberships are due by the 1st March of that year with a follow up email sent out as a reminder after this date if the membership is still outstanding.

Don’t forget if you move address or change your email please let the club know so we can update our database.

Membeship Application
Membership Renewal
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